ImmunoQure maintains collaborations with leading academic centers in Europe that include specialized clinical institutions, translational medicine and research centers of excellence, which provide us with the ability to access the most relevant patient populations and disease model systems.


University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest university in Finland. Researchers at the University of Helsinki have been among the pioneers of human autoimmune disease genetic research and maintain a strong position in this field. Through the Helsinki University Central Hospital they have clinical access to highly relevant patient cohorts.

University of Tartu

Established in 1632, the University of Tartu is one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe. It is the biggest and highest ranked university in Estonia. It has a long history of excellence in Science and Technology and houses some of the leading scientists in the field of human autoimmune disease genetic research.

King’s College London

King's College London is ranked among the top 5 universities in the UK. The staff and alumni of King's and its constituent institutions made major contributions to science, medicine and public life in general, housing 8 noble prize winners within the last century. Being at the forefront of science researchers at King’s have the potential to assess therapeutic candidates using state of the art techniques.


HS LifeSciences GmbH

HS LifeSciences manages the investment fund QureInvest II. The investment strategy differentiates itself from traditional venture capital models aiming to grow the company in a model that does not require multiple rounds of investment. Complementing the scientific founders with management, financial and commercial experience enables a focused and cost efficient growth of the companies to the clinical stage after which a pharma partner is sought to co-develop the technology through the subsequent clinical phases.


In 2015 ImmunoQure spun out Mabylon ( Mabylon has set up a high throughput technology for autoantibody screening of large human populations and uses ImmunoQure’s technology platform to retrieve autoantibodies from sero-positive samples. Mabylon is focusing on discovery of effective, safe human-derived biologicals in the areas of neurology, cardiovascular disease and food allergies. ImmunoQure AG is a significant shareholder of Mabylon


QureInvest II Investments (SCA) SICAR

QureInvest II is an entrepreneurial investment fund managed by HS LifeSciences committed to invest in early stage companies within the medical innovation sector. The portfolio currently consists of nine companies that are all held directly by QureInvest II Investments (SCA) SICAR.